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Yemeni woman starts school at home

Teacher Amina Mahdi a Yemeni woman instructs her students in Hodeidah’s southern region of Hodeidah. Who are lay out on the ground.

For the children of Muhib in the Al-Tuhayta district. Schooling at Mahdi’s sun-bleached enclosure is their only option.

Before the country’s tragic conflict broke out in 2014. She had already started teaching reading and writing to the country’s children.

Mahdi told AFP that the high percentage of illiteracy in the community. As well as the fact that youngsters were denied an education, motivated her to become a teacher.

Mahdi divides the youngsters into three classes based on their age. Also spends two hours a day teaching each one.

Yemeni Teacher Helps Student Learn

In addition to learning to read and write. The students are also learning arithmetic and science.

Mahdi, also argues that her home, with its countless volumes crammed onto a single shelf, isn’t exactly a classroom. She stated, while donning an all-black niqab, “the sun and heat have done a lot of harm.”

The Yemeni government is at war with the Iran-backed Houthi rebels there.

In what the UN considers the greatest humanitarian catastrophe ever. Where tens of thousands of people — primarily civilians — have been execute and millions of people have been displace. More than 2,500 schools around the nation have been render unusable. With some being completely demolish while others have been reform into refugee camps or military bases.

The coronavirus pandemic, an additional systemic shock that UNICEF says has likely pushed the number even higher. Which has numbered around 2 million children by UNICEF.

AFP quoted one of the students as saying, “We couldn’t read, write, or study if it wasn’t for Miss Amina.”


Mohammed, his father, claimed he had no regrets about sending his three children to study in Mahdi’s house.

Thank God for (Mahdi’s) efforts to teach them, he remarked.

Mahdi said she wants to obtain some support in teaching the youngsters.

In her plea, she pleaded with “all those who are compassionate” to help provide pleasure to the children. Also a help to build a genuine school in their stead. “My tiny apartment has turned into a public space where I no longer feel safe.”

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