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Work permit, Insurance is a must for the private sector for UAE Golden Visa.

Private sector employees for UAE Golden Visa. Know all the laws to get that Golden Visa.

If you are an employee of a firm in Dubai and eligible for the Golden visa According to law no eight made in 1980 by Regulation Employment Relations in the UAE, apply for a Golden Visa. Private sector employees for UAE Golden Visa know how to get it.

UAE Cabinet allows foreigners long term visa Golden Visa in the UAE as per 2018act. However, private-sector employees eligible for the Golden visa need to have a work permit in UAE.

The employee must take a work permit from MOHRE. In addition, an employer must provide health insurance to its employees in Dubai. This is by Article 10 of the Dubai Health Insurance Law, which states: “The employer must follow below things to get Golden Visa”:

1. Employee must Provide health insurance coverage for employees according to the health insurance policy applicable.

2. You have to bear the costs for health insurance coverage rather than making the beneficiaries bear such expenses.

3. Verify that the employees’ health insurance is valid for the length of their work period. It is the most important thing for the employer.

4. Bear the health assistance and medical mediation costs in difficulties for any of the employees if they have no health insurance following the provisions of this law.

5. Company must give employees their health insurance cards if he is permanent.

6. Provide the health insurance policy upon the employees’ home issuance or reissue.

7. Any other responsibilities specified by the government according to the decisions taken.”

Everyone from different parts of the world wants to be part of the business hub of the World UAE and Dubai. Getting a Golden Visa is very important if you want to stay in UAE Dubai. Read about Largest Quran made by Pakistani for Expo 2020 UAE Dubai.

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