Who is the Fastest bowler of IPL 2021?

Indian bowler becoming the Fastest bowler of IPL 2021. Know who he is and from where he comes. Read more about him in Details.

umran malik photos
umran malik photos

Fastest bowler of IPL 2021, bowling at 100mph. Who is he:

IPL has given many brilliant talents in history. One more extra talent coming out from this year, IPL 2021. India now gets a quick bowler who can bowl very fast like Shoaib Akhtar and Brett Lee with great line and length. Yes, we are speaking about the quickest bowler of IPL 2021, Umran Malik.

Indian Pacer Umran Malik:

Everyone wants to know who Umran Malik is? Umran Malik is India’s fastest bowler in IPL 2021. He has surprised everyone with his fast pace, top-line length and controlled aggression. Umran Malik bowled the quickest bowl of IPL 2021. He bowled a bowl against RCB with a rate of 153kmph. It is the quickest bowl bowled in IPL 2021. He is super fast and very helpful with line length. 

Background of Umran Malik:

Umran Malik originates from a simple background. If you see where he used to train, you will tell How he performed it to IPL 2021. Well, credit for this goes to his mentor and Irfan Pathan. According to sources, Irfan Pathan has raised him also served him to change his action while bowling. 

Next, big pacer of Cricket:

Umran Malik has dazzled everyone with his speed and line length. He is similar to brett lee, Denish Lillee, who used to bowl with speed and control line length. 

Know the Umran Malik Age, Height and all:

Umran Malik age is 21 years old in 2021. His height is around 5’8 to 5’10. He is very fit and got a body like a professional. Umran Malik is a good find. So India should take care of him and allow him to prove his skills at the national level.

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