Vidya Chhabria | Success story of the chairperson at Jumbo group

Vidya Chhabria, presently filling in as the executive of the multi-billion dollar bunch, assumed control over the organization after her better half passed on in 2002 and has directed it to become one of the most significant shoppers electronic merchants in the locale while additionally guaranteeing that moral practices are wholly followed. The gathering, which utilizes more than 2,000 individuals, has extended to incorporate an undertaking division that has banded together with IBM, Microsoft, Huawei, and Cisco, among others, just as a 3D-assembling division spread across a 60,000 sqft office.

Vidya Chhabria initial start :

When Manu Chhabria passed on in April 2002 and Vidya, 55, assumed control over the reins of the Jumbo Group, barely any felt that she wouldn’t have the option to endure the road battle with UB Group supremo Vijay Mallya. The situation was anything but favorable for her. The way that Mallya experiences at long last agreed to harmony seen inside industry circles as a triumph for her. Supported by her second girl Komal Chhabria Wazir, her sibling Niranjan Thakur and a band of high-profile chiefs, she has fended off rivals and developed the business. The high watermark was when she got SABMiller as a joint endeavor accomplice in Shaw Wallace Breweries.

Like her late spouse, Vidya is a Shikarpuri Sindhi known best for their monetary discernment. After Partition, her family had settled down in Bangalore. When she wedded Manu Chhabria in the mid-1970s, he worked in the family gadgets shop in Mumbai. In any case, he needed to move to Dubai to understand his fantasies about becoming showbiz royalty. Leaving her oldest girl Bhavika behind, Vidya went with her better half to the place known for guarantee. The rest is history. Large Group’s leading organization, Jumbo Electronics Company Ltd (LLC), was established in 1974.

Success story :

The organization is currently the most significant wholesaler of customer gadgets, IT, and telecom in west Asia. It is the most prominent merchant of Sony items on the planet. Insofar as Manu Chhabria there, Vidya seldom seen as a piece of the Jumbo business, liking to assume the homemaker. After his passing, she came to possess the all-important focal point. Passing on the everyday running of the company to chiefs, Vidya invests the vast majority of her energy in Dubai. However, she visits Mumbai sporadically. The administration discipline nearest to her heart is human asset improvement, particularly preparing, advancement and inspiration. She regularly lets her companions know that any association is just pretty much as competent as its kin.

Vidya Chhabria has achieved fundamentally and has effectively taken ahead of the firm. Without earlier thought regarding business, she set forth to place in her best. Her certainty and challenging work have been her most prominent resource throughout the long term. She has taken up the focal job with her diligence and has effectively made the best out of it. She cleared herself to make it the best and has effectively positioned herself among the outstanding industry businesspeople.


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