1,600 child abuse cases reported in Sharjah

This year, around 1,600 child abuse cases were reported in Sharjah in UAE.

Up to 1,600 child abuse cases reported in Sharjah have been filed. According to the reports, most of the cases filed are related to physical abuse, negligence, misconduct and violence.

The child protection department of Sharjah reported that more than 1,600 cases have been filed against child abuse this year.

Ahmed Al Mail said that majority of these child abuse cases were related to cyber-blackmailing, physical or verbal abuse, negligence, violence, misconduct and bullying. The cases were reported by teachers, guardians, parents and caregivers through helpline number 800700.

‘Ishraqa’ clinic against child abuse cases reported in Sharjah

A rehabilitation clinic named ‘Ishraqa’ has been launched. The motive behind this is providing psychological as well as social support to the victims. The clinic will also look after those who have previously been exposed to such kind of abuse. The clinic will be run by a team of psychologists and social workers, he added.

Various awareness programmes will also be conducted by the clinic. These programmes will focus on the general awaring of the parents about child abuse and ways how they can prevent their child from being abused. Parents will be introduced to various ways to maintain a safer environment in the family for the abused child. This will also help to prevent this kind of incident to reoccur.

The child protection teams were also given the right to interfere and protect a child who is facing abuse or is at high risk of it. The team should be consisting of trained and professional members who will in turn refer the cases to the concerned departments. These departments can be the different social welfare organisations and police as well.

A number of awareness campaigns were organised regarding the adverse impact of beating children by teachers or parents.Β  The positive effect of organising these campaigns have been seen in dropping down in cases of physical abuse of children either by parents or teachers.


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