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Friday, September 24, 2021

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UN nuclear chief in Iran for talks before heading west

..On Sunday, UN nuclear chief  Rafael Grossi will go to Iran for discussions. Which might help to defuse a standoff between Tehran and the West that threatens to intensify. Also to sabotage talks on resurrecting the Iran nuclear agreement.

UN Nuclear Watchdog Chief in Iran

Mohammad Eslami, the new director of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization. In addition he meet the IAEA and Iran’s representative to the agency. UN nuclear chief landed in Tehran overnight, according to Iranian official media. However ahead of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Board of Governors meeting next week.

This week, the International Atomic Energy Agency informed member states that there had been no progress on two key issues. First, explaining uranium traces discovered at several old, undeclared sites. Second, gaining urgent access to some monitoring equipment. So the agency can continue to track parts of Iran’s nuclear program as stipulated in the 2015 deal.

Since June, separate, indirect negotiations between the US and Iran on both returning to compliance with the accord have came to an end. However Hardline President Ebrahim Raisi’s administration, which took office in August. In addition has been drove by Washington and its European allies to return to the negotiations.

Iran agreed to limit its nuclear operations in exchange for the removal of sanctions. Also as part of the 2015 nuclear deal with major nations.

In 2018, President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the agreement, re-imposing harsh economic penalties. Iran retaliated in 2019 by breaking several of the deal’s fundamental provisions. Such as enriching uranium to a higher purity, closer to that needed for nuclear weapons.


Two Main Questions For The Upcoming Meeting

UN nuclear chief visit will be closely under watch by countries on the IAEA Board of Governors. However to see if Iran buckles on either allowing access to monitoring equipment. Also providing answers on the uranium particles discovered at the undeclared old facilities.

At the IAEA’s 35-nation Board of Governors meeting next week. In which western countries must decide whether to push for a resolution condemning Iran. Also increasing pressure on it for stonewalling the agency. As Tehran is annoy by such actions, a resolution may imperil the restart of discussions on the accord.

Read more about International Atomic Energy Agency: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Atomic_Energy_Agency#:~:text=The%20current%20Director%20General%20is,who%20died%20in%20July%202019.

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