UAE’s Biggest raffle draw announced today of Dh77,000.

Every Saturday at 7 pm UAE time Emirates Draw is streamed live. It is UAE’s Biggest raffle draw. Read more about in details who won the prizes today.

Draw Winners:

Weekly Emirates Draw has declare the champion number of the weekly draw where seven winners are getting Dh77,000 as gifts in the draw. This time the winning number is 6926567, Emirates Draw published live on its YouTube page. UAE’s Biggest raffle draw.

No one won Dh77,777,777:

Anyone who has hit a number that equals six digits of the randomly picked seven-digit winning series could win Dh1.5 million. No one won the Dh77, 777,777 prizes. According to the organisers, each time it is not possible to win. The money is add up to a culmination of seven times, which is about Dh5 million.

Participation Process:

The participation process is done by purchasing a Dh50 Coral Polyp online at You can also check across a viable network of approved Emirates Draw retailers. Upon enrolling online, members can select their seven-digit number or have the system choose their number randomly. Once chosen, each participant’s number is lock in, and no one else can choose the same one. Also read about central bank chief of Iran.

Weekly raffle Dubai:

After their buying, consumers enter into a raffle where seven lucky members are insure Dh77,777 each week. In addition, they will begin a second draw with six prize levels that include a Grand Prize of Dh77,777,777 when all seven digits are match.

Emirates Draw come live every Saturday at 7pm UAE time on It also come across the company’s YouTube and Facebook channels too. The first draw in Dubai took place on September 25 this year in 2021.

This kind of Draw changes the life of people who comes from the modest families. Whoever wins these becomes a life-changing event for them. But it purely depends on luck. If your number hits the same digits of the draw, you get what you never imagine in your life. 

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