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UAE Student work Permit: Know all the New Rules and Regulations.



students work permitin uae age 15 to 18

Now UAE is soon going to allow teens between 15 to 18 years work Permit. One year max period for UAE Student work permit is under planning. 

The UAE Govt. stated that students over 15 and above would soon be permitted to work. Students between 15 to 18 can come under a temporary visa scheme of 1 year.

Projects of the 50: The new news came as part of a series of improvements declared under the expansive ‘Projects of the 50′ initiative trying to push the growth of UAE to the next level.

Read about who is eligible to come to UAE on Student Visa with a work permit:

Teenagers between 15 to 18 years— both Emiratis and ex-pats living in the country can get a work permit, which will be valid for a period not surpassing one year.

The following conditions you must follow to get this Visa permit:

  • Must have Visa with valid residence Visa in Passport.
  • Any of the relatives must have a resident visa.
  • Approval of parents is a must. Teen must be fit and get a certificate too.
  • Applicant age is 15 to 18years. No bargain in these rules.
  • No Work should be assigned mentioned in the ministerial decree No. 1189 of 2010 by the enclosure.
  • E-signature card given to the Ministry and no violations.

Know Read about working hours?

  • Working hours under this Visa is up to six hours.
  • Teen get a 1-hour break. No overtime and no work on holidays.
  • The Labour Law prevents youth from operating at night in industrial enterprises and tackling dangerous or demanding jobs.
  • Six months for any project work.
uae work permit visa for students age between 15 to 18

uae work permit visa for students age between 15 to 18

Documents required for Student work permit Visa:

  • True Resident Visa Copy of the student with Valid Passport.
  • Passport of Parent or Guardian is a must.
  • Application copy of Student, Contract Copy and Colour Photograph of Student with white background.
  • A fitness certificate from the health authorities. Written consent of teen parents.

Application procedure for Student Work Permit UAE:

  • Applications from Tas’heel service centres or through establishments joining in the Ministry’s e-forms programme.
  • The application will go with E-Copyin Ministry for verification.
  • Students will get notification from the Tas’heel Service centre if any document is missing.
  • If requirements are fitted, the customer can print the permission notice by visiting the Ministry’s website

Know the Cost of Student work permit UAE:

  • There are three types of permits. It cost around Dh100. There are three types of permits. After approval, the permit cost is Dh500.

Know the Timings of applying for a Student work permit Visa in UAE: According to the sources, UAE Service centres takes requests from Saturday to Thursday, 8 am to 8pm.

The student below 15 can work in UAE?

Students below 12 or over 18 can take training certificates and permits from MoHRE. First female group of Soldiers.


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Coronavirus cases UAE today 2369, 1201 recovered and 4 deaths.



coronavirus cases uae

Total active covid cases in UAE are nearby 56,651. Coronavirus cases UAE today 2369 Covid-19 cases, 1201 recovered and 4 deaths.

On Wednesday, January 26, 2022, the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention reported Coronavirus cases UAE today 2369, 1201 recovered, and 4 deaths. Total active covid points in UAE grown from 100 to nearby 59349. 20k extra new covid topics in the last five days.

Total active covid cases in UAE grown from 100 to nearby 59349. The number is growing, but death numbers are not like last year. Coronavirus cases UAE today 2369 Covid-19 cases, 1201 recovered and 4 deaths. 

The new cases came after 500,146 additional tests in UAE. The total number of covid cases in UAE on January 26 is 833,201. At the same time, full recoveries from covid cases stand at 771,624. The death toll now stands at 2,248 in UAE. Twenty-five new deaths due to covid in the last five days.

The new variant of Coronavirs and Omicron is found in more 40 countries. BA.2 is said to be more dangerous than Omicron. Many scientists already warn we have to remain alert with this new variant. It can be more contagious says many scientists worldwide. 

Vaccines companies has to look towards this variant as many scientists believe it can bevery dangerous variant. So once again question worldwide comes are ongoing vaccines good enough to fight against such family members of Omicron and other variants of Coronavirus. 

Life is becoming hell as this Coronavirus has taken time which no one ever thought about. In the 21st century, no one thought our medical experts worldwide would fall apart against one disease called Corona. We fought back, but this Corona and its variants have opened many eyes. 

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Images of Mars sent back by the UAE Hope probe



Detailed images of Mars ice caps and clouds

Mars data released by the UAE’s Hope probe will provide a new look at the Red Planet’s key geographical features. Including Olympus Mons, the solar system’s largest volcano, and Valles Marineris. A canyon network that stretches 4,000 kilometers and reaches depths of up to 7 km.

A high-resolution camera aboard the Hope probe is also allowing scientists to create stunning images of Mars’ ice caps. Clouds Thanks to the eXploration imager instrument.

Hope will provide detailed images of Mars’ ice caps and clouds. Space enthusiasts believe the UAE’s information will help people around the world. To become more engaged with the topic of space travel.

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Using raw monochrome images, they are highlighting features such as Olympus Mons, ice caps, and clouds Images processed by the public can help scientists in their research.

As it gives multiple eyes and hands the ability to process the thousands of images a mission sends back. In this case, Stuart Atkinson from the UK has been processing images sent back by the Hope probe.

Among the new data are views of familiar features, like Olympus Mons and Valles Marineris. “It is great that Hope will be sending back new views of these features, as opposed to the images taken by the Indian and Chinese missions,” he explained.

Seeing Mars as a real place, not just a red star in the sky. Also helps people connect with the mission. “I enjoy the image of Mars taken by the eXploration imager because it helps me envision what I would see if I were as a future explorer approaching the planet in a spacecraft.

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EXPO 2020 Indian Pavilion to host function on Republic Day.



india republic day 2022 indian pavilion expo 2020

Singer Shweta Subram is going to perform in the EXPO 2020 Indian Pavilion. Expo visitors will see the significant function in Indian Pavilion.

indian pavilion expo 2020 dubai

Indian Pavilion EXPO 2020

73rd Republic Day kick started in EXPO 2020 Indian Pavilion. The flag ceremony done in the morning time at EXPO 2020. Diplomats and a few people were present in the morning for the ceremony. Function is organise at 9:30 pm at Indian Pavilion.

Dr. Aman Puri at EXPO 2020:

The consul general of India to Dubai, Dr. Aman Puri, hoisted the Indian tri-color at 7.30 am at Indian Pavilion. They were followed up by reading President Ram Nath Kovind’s message to the nation. 

In 1950 India got their laws after gaining independence in 1947. After 3 years of hard work, India got the most suited constitution, helping the nation run smoothly even after 75years.

India is the world’s biggest Democratic country bringing liberty, justice, and equality to all the people living in the nation. They believe that the world is one policy. Our brothers and sisters help everyone on earth stay with people in hard times. 

Today, India has made its name one of the most tolerant nations in the world. Peace comes first for India. The growth of India in the past few decades is impressive. Many top business tycoons today feel India is the biggest market in technology. 

Special performances by singer Shweta Subram will lighten up Indian Pavilion EXPO 2020. Performances of Shweta and Anupam Nair will start at 9:30pm. 

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