UAE minister says free trade talks with India and Indonesia is going well

Free trade talks between the United Arab Emirates, India, and Indonesia, are in good progress, the Gulf state’s trade minister said on Wednesday, a day after starting related talks with Israel.

United Arab Emirates Minister of State for Foreign Trade statement

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Trade Thani Zeyoudi has previously said he hopes to conclude some of these deals by the end of 2020.

“We are making excellent progress in our negotiations with India and Indonesia, and hope that our discussions with Israel are equally productive,” he said in a statement to Reuters.

He also said that the talks with Israel were a “natural extension” of the new relationship with Israel forged after the two countries established diplomatic relations last August.

UAE will seek an agreement with eight countries

The UAE said in September, it would seek economic agreements with eight countries – Britain, India, South Korea, Ethiopia, Israel, Indonesia Kenya, and Turkey as part of a push to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and in the face of increasing economic competition from Gulf neighbor Saudi Arabia.

UAE refers to trade as CEPA with South Korea

The UAE, which refers to the trade deals it is aiming for as Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements (CEPA), opened negotiations with South Korea in October.

UAE is improving its relationship with other countries

The UAE is hoping for good relations with other countries and making esgreat efforts. UAE is focusing to improve its diplomatic relation with other countries. UAE wants to recover all the losses during in covid 19 and thus it is working for the betterment of its economic relationship with other countries.

UAE also sign MOU to build infrastructure in Kashmir.


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