UAE Major-General is elected as President by Interpol

Interpol elected UAE General for a four-year term.

Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, the UAE Major-General, is elected as president of Interpol. Ahmed Nasser is the General-Inspector of the UAE’s Ministry of Interior.

However, the General officer is elected for a four-year term, the global police agency stated.

He was selected for the position after clearing three rounds of voting. In the final round of voting, Ahmed Nasser received 68.9% votes.

According to the global police agency, Ahmed Nasser described it as an honour for him to receive the position. The officer feels extremely happy to become the president of Interpol.

He added to his statement that he will focus on making the world safer for people through the organisation. Basically, Interpol is an organisation that works on strengthening its partnerships.

The President of Interpol receives appreciation:

The Secretary-General of the Interpol organization, Jurgen Stock, look after the day to day working of Interpol‘s General Secretariat. He also welcomed Ahmed Nasser as the president of the organization. Jurgen Stock stated that he had worked with Ahmed Nasser for the past three years. Though, Nasser was a part of the executive committee earlier. Now, they will work closely and will ensure that Interpol resumes supporting international police cooperation.

All the executive members, as well as the president, are elected by the general assembly by the voting system. The voting system is based on ‘one country one vote.’ Also, each vote carries equal weightage in the elections.

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The role of Interpol’s president is part-time and unpaid as well. Also, the president has to chair the three meetings of the executive committee and the General Assembly each year.

The meeting lasts for three days every year. It is attended by about 470 police chiefs, representatives and ministers from 160 countries. Each country contributes one vote to the elections.

UAE Major-General is elected as President by Interpol. It is a proud moment for the emiratis. So, the netizens are pouring congratulatory messages for the officer.

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