UAE is in the top five best places to live on earth.

According to one survey, more than 80% of people said the UAE comes in the top five best places to live on earth for work and a luxurious life. 


Entering in top 5 places of the world:

The UAE rose ten places to order the fourth best country in the world to live and work. A new study says if you want to see the best place to live on earth for work and luxury living, UAE is the best out of many. Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand placed first, second and third, respectively. UAE comes in the ttop five best places to live on earth.

HSBC’s 14th annual Expat Explorer study:

A global study of over 20,000 people believes UAE is the place to live. Furthermore, 82 per cent feel confident that life will be more firm and normal again in the next 12 months. These results are notwithstanding the global pandemic. Fifty-three per cent of UAE respondents also expect an increase in their income and a better work-life balance (59 per cent). In the GCC, Bahrain and Qatar were placed eighth and tenth, sequentially.

UAE Luxury at its best:

“The UAE in the top five best places to live and work worldwide is exciting. It is clear evidence of the huge potential that drives this country’s economy. We started our doors for business on October 12, 1946. We’ve been employing ever since, establishing the country. Our customers to open up a world of possibility. Abdulfattah Sharaf, HSBC UAE CEO and head of international said in an interview.

“The connectivity of the market connected with the scale of its image has changed. From a small fishing and pearling port in the 1940s, now a global head. In all the departments like trade, logistics, shipping, aviation, business and finance hub today.

Innovation and rich life:

“The nation is focusing on innovation, base, quality of life, variety and inclusion. All these have made this a place to live a luxurious life. 

“The UAE’s openness to diverse backgrounds and views is a key power for ex-pats looking to make the land their home. Expo 2020 is the Arab world’s most significant global event, with more than 190 countries. This is setting this dedication to variety and openness on the global stage.


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