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Two Jailed for Throwing fake money at workers in Dubai. Fine of Dh200,000.

Two Jailed in Throwing fake money in Dubai. One is European, and one is Asian. Both men were fined Dh200,000 and were in prison after this incident.

Two Jailed in Throwing fake money in Dubai around 50,000$. One mistake costing big to both people.

Two Jailed in Throwing fake money in Dubai
Two Jailed in Throwing fake money in Dubai

Who are both the men: 

One European posted a video on Instagram revealing himself, followed by the second defendant, giving money to workers in a car.  

Dubai Police in Action:

According to the research, the cybercrime patrols of Dubai police identified the video of both people. Not the following safety and throwing fake money creating an unnecessary buzz is why both are in prison. 

Out of the two, the European defendant told police that he had posted the video to his Instagram account to gain followers. People are crazy these days, and people do anything for getting the limelight. This is total rubbish as European saying he did this to gain followers on IG. Now same IG followers will make fun of this step.

According to the source, both are taken to criminal court and charges are set on both of them. In addition, both now have to answer why they used fake currency in the UAE without permission and made videos that are not good for the UAE image.

Two Years of Jail:

As per sources, both were sentenced to two years in jail. It can come down to one year.

By this, you can learn not to do things that can take you to jail in UAE. Everyone knows how strict is UAE when it comes to law and order in the country. So it is a good lesson who take laws lightly in UAE. To all the non-residents of UAE, don’t do such mistakes again. Read about how to drive in foggy conditions in UAE.

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