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Tunisian demonstrate against President Kais Saied

Thousands of Tunisian demonstrated in the capital on Sunday against President Kais Saied’s takeover of authority. Despite a significant police presence attempting to stop them from marching along the central Habib Bourguiba Avenue.

The rising number of demonstrators on both sides. A week after thousands marched in support of Saied. Also raises the risk of Tunisia’s political tensions boiling into street clashes between the two camps.

“We are not going to accept the coup. “Enough is enough,” a demonstrator, Yassin ben Amor, stated. Despite the fact that some protestors tossed plastic bottles. However police were able to stop the march without resorting to violence.

In July, Saied fired the prime minister, suspended parliament, and took executive power in what his critics term a coup. He pushed away most of the constitution last month. Announcing that he would establish a committee to rewrite it and that he could rule by decree.

He has chosen Najla Bouden Romdhane as Prime Minister. But she has yet to establish a cabinet. Which is a crucial first step in resolving Tunisia’s imminent fiscal crisis. Though Saied stated on Saturday that she will do so shortly.

His intervention has cast doubt on Tunisians’ democratic gains since the 2011 revolution. Which triggered the Arab Spring uprisings.

During a meeting with temporary interior minister Ridha Gharsalaoui on Saturday. Saied said he would begin a discourse with Tunisians and young groups. Particularly from the provinces, about the future.

Khaled Hayouni point over Tunisian

Khaled Hayouni, a spokesperson for the Interior Ministry, said the police will treat demonstrators from all sides equally. “The Tunisian police is a republican force,” he explained, “and it does not intervene in any political side.”

Any discussion that excludes large political parties or other well-established parts of civil society. Such as a big labour union, is likely to result in more outspoken resistance to his policies.

Western funders have urged for an inclusive approach to end the crisis period. As well as a defined timeframe, in order to prevent Tunisia’s state finances from collapsing.


With political maneuvering over Tunisia’s future going at a snail’s pace. Saied has relied on crowd mobilization to back up his claims.

According to Reuters journalists around 8,000 protestors protested in Tunis last week in support of Saied. While the Interior Ministry stated approximately 5,000 participated. The next day, Saied announced that 1.8 million people had shown up to support him.

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