Trial on impeachment against Trump soon, opposition in Senate

Regarding the impeachment of former US President Donald Trump, the House of Representatives (lower house) has prepared to send a copy of the charge to the Senate (upper house) so that the trial can be conducted on trump. While a large number of Republican senators within the Senate have begun opposing this action. The senators plan to lighten the charges of blaming the former president on capitol violence.

Democrat Party leader Chuck Schumer has announced in the Senate that the impeachment trial against Trump will begin on February 8. Its process started on Monday. With the lower house sending a copy of impeachment to the upper house, both the houses start preparations for impeachment. The impeachment motion has already been passed in the House of Representatives. But in view of the opposition of Republican lawmakers in the Senate, it is now being speculated that the Democratic Party may find it difficult to prove against Trump that he is responsible for the violence on January 6 in Capitol Hill (Parliament House).

These senators were also in favor of Trump before. On the other hand, Democrat lawmakers once again insisted that Capitol Hill violence was caused by Trump’s inflammatory speeches. Democrats are trying to prevent Trump from contesting elections in the future.

Republicans can defend Trump

Of course, some people from Trump’s own party have been condemning him since the capital violence, but now that Trump’s presidential term is over, these people can also defend Trump. Although Republican Senator Marco Rubio said, I think this test is stupid. As soon as I get a chance to vote to stop this trial, I will because not doing so not be good for the country and will work for partition.

MPs threatened before impeachment against Trump

There are reports of threats to kill members of Congress (US Parliament) before the impeachment proceedings are initiated against former President Donald Trump. Federal security agencies are investigating threats to kill lawmakers or attack them outside Parliament. Capitol police and other federal security agencies decided to allow thousands of ‘National Guard’ soldiers to remain stationed in Washington ahead of a hearing against Trump, amid concerns of threats and an attack by re-armed protesters on the Parliament complex, according to an official Have done The official said that the messages released on most of the online ‘chat groups’ have come to the fore about conspiring to attack MPs on their way to the Capitol premises for hearing.

Biden administration appoints Indian diaspora to key posts in Energy Department

In the US, the Biden administration has appointed four Indian diasporas to key positions in the Department of Energy. Among them, Tarak Shah has been appointed to the post of Chief of Staff. He became the first American of Indian origin to reach this position. Apart from him, Tanya Das has been made the Chief of Staff of the Office of Science, Department of Science, Narayan Subramaniam has been appointed as Legal Adviser in the ‘Office of General Counsel’ and Shuchi Talati has been appointed as Department of Fossil Energy Appointed as Chief of Staff in ‘Office of Fossil Energy’.

After announcing the appointment of 19 officials at the senior level in the Department of Energy, Shah said, “These talented people will meet Biden’s goal of tackling the climate change crisis.” Tarak Shah is an energy policy expert and has worked on tackling climate change over the past decade. Tanya Das was a professional member of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology in the US House of Representatives recently. During this time he worked on many issues related to clean energy and construction policy. Narayan Subramaniam was a guest research specialist at the Center for Law, Energy, and Environment at Berkeley Law. At the same time, Shuchi Talati was Senior Policy Advisor at Carbon 180. He focused on policies related to building sustainable and appropriate technology for carbon removal.

Biden can remove the ban on gays in US Army

President Joe Biden may lift the ban on the inclusion of homosexuals in the US military through a new executive order. A person aware of the matter said that the White House will announce this soon. Trump banned homosexuals from joining the military in the first year of his tenure. There was scope for change in this policy only after Biden became president.

Biden discusses Macron on the strength of relations with France

President Joe Biden in a phone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron emphasized strengthening bilateral relations. The two leaders pledged to work together to tackle China, COVID-19, and climate change, including shared foreign policy priorities. According to the White House, both also emphasized the strengthening of the relationship through NATO and the US-EU partnership. The two leaders agreed on the need for close coordination through multilateral organizations to meet the challenges. Biden made a commitment to NATO, which has been a major source of controversy between Trump and European leaders.

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