Transport Sector to Contribute 10% of GDP by 2030.

Saudi Arabia has clearly strategized each and every plan for the Vission 2030. The expenses face a considerable shift to other sectors. Thereby the Transport and Logistics sector would now be contributing about 10% to the Saudi GDP by 2030.

This shift is made in a carefully monitored manner since the economy is expected to rise without being dependent solely on the oil industry and export.

Today, the sector stands at 6% today, following the execution of the Kingdom’s new technique for the area.

Minister of Transport Saleh Aljasser stated in a report.

Objectives of the technique incorporate:

  • Significantly increasing air transport development.
  • Connecting the urban communities of Makkah, Jeddah, ¬†and Madina through a 450-kilometer express train.
  • Interfacing the east and west of the Kingdom and the ports, and joining the Gulf-wide rail organization.

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman dispatched the new Transport and Logistics diagram last week.

It reflected intent on situating the Kingdom as a worldwide coordinations center associating three landmasses.

It further aims to develop all transport sector administrations on the side of Saudi Vision 2030.

Saudi Arabia needs to deal with 4.5 million tons of air cargo payload every year. While in 2019 it was around, 900,000.

President of the General Authority of Civil Aviation, Abdulaziz Alduailej, said during the public interview.

Transport and coordination as of now contribute 6% of GDP.

Saudi needs to deal with 4.5 million tons of air load, up from 900,000 tons.

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