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Thousands of Gazans seek for work visas in Israel

Thousands of Gazans sought for work permits on Wednesday in Israel. Which has begun reopening its borders to Palestinian laborer’s since the last battle in May.

According to AFP journalists, a swarm of men carrying their identity documents lined up in Jabalia. A refugee camp in northern Gaza, seeking to acquire a visa to work in Israel.

“In Gaza, there is no work,” claim Fathi Abu Nur, a 40-year-old jobless man.

“I heard employees are applying for visas (for Israel) yesterday,” he added.

“I hope things improve since the current scenarios have difficulty,” said the father of five children.

Thousands of Gazans received work permit in august

According to an Israeli security officer, Israel has issued 7,000 licenses to Palestinian laborer’s in Gaza. Also up from five thousands of Gazans workers and dealers permitted in August.

Following 11 days of the bloodiest warfare in years. Israel and Hamas reached an agreement in May.

Since then, Israel has eased restrictions on the Palestinian enclave, reopening gates, increasing the fishing zone. Also allowing some commodities to enter.

Many Palestinians desire to work in Israel since the pay there is better than in Gaza.

Israel has been blockading the impoverished area of two million people. With an unemployment rate of over 50%, for nearly 15 years.

According to Palestinian economic researcher Omar Shaaban. Israeli work permits might assist relieve the region’s “unemployment problem and poverty”. Hamas rules the territory.

If Israel issued 20,000 work permits. Gaza’s income would grow by three million dollars per day ($3 million), according to Shaaban.


Meanwhile, a Palestinian representative at the chamber of commerce stated on condition of anonymity. That the rise of licenses was “the outcome of a political process. Also involving negotiations in Cairo between the Hamas organization and Egyptian officials.”

Yair Lapid, Israel’s foreign minister, has proposed a proposal to enhance Gaza’s living standards. However in exchange for Hamas’ pledge to “long-term calm.”

Since 2008, Israel and Hamas have fought four conflicts.

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