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The City of Tents, Mina: Saudi Arabia

Mina Hajj tent development, known as the City of Tents, is perhaps the greatest venture executed by the Saudi government to serve pioneers during the Hajj season to guarantee their solace and security, stretching out over 2.5 million square meters with a limit of 2.6 million individuals.

Journeys in the past used to experience the ill effects of customary tent flames in Mina, to a great extent because of explorers not clinging to wellbeing rules. Notwithstanding thorough endeavors to counter this, throughout the long-term fires asserted numerous lives, harmed hundreds, and brought about pioneers losing their property.

These misfortunes prompted the advancement of fire-resistant tents made of fiberglass tissues covered with Teflon, which are impervious to high warmth and start, and which forestall the discharge of poisonous gases.

The tents are connected employing cleared, enlightened, and signposted halls, and each gathering of tents are encircled by the metal walls for security, with primary entryways and crisis exits.

They give mutual regions, latrines, and washrooms, kitchens, and plugs, and are outfitted with cooling frameworks, are formed as per Islamic standards and are made of adaptable parts to ease stockpiling and establishment.

The tents are either 8 square meters in size, 6 by 8 meters or 12 by 8 meters, and fire quenchers and hoses are conveyed across the passageways at around one every 100 meters.

Water sprinklers, which work consequently after detecting heat, are introduced in each tent to smother fires, and the second water is transmitted from one, a caution rings to alarm safety crew to the risk.

Exceptional water tanks have been introduced in burrows on top of the mountains close to Mina, with a limit of 200,000 cubic meters to be utilized to douse fires.

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