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Taiwan air defense zone entered by China

Taiwan air force was scramble on Friday to scare away 10 Chinese aircraft that had entered its air defense zone. Also according to the island’s defense ministry. A day after the island announced a $9 billion increase in military spending to confront China’s threat.

Chinese-claimed For a year or more, Taiwan has complained about Chinese air force operations near the democratically ruled island. In addition particularly in the southern section of its air defense zone, close to the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands.

According to the Taiwan Ministry of Defense

The current Chinese operation included six J-16 and two J-11 fighters. As well as one anti-submarine and one reconnaissance aircraft.

According to the ministry, Taiwan dispatched combat aircraft to warn off the Chinese planes. While missile systems were in work to keep an eye on them.

According to a map released by the ministry, Chinese fighters flew near the Pratas. While anti-submarine and reconnaissance aircraft went into the Bashi Channel. Which divides Taiwan and the Philippines.

A spokesperson for China’s Eastern Theater Command said in a statement on Saturday. That warships, early warning planes, and bombers were in work on Friday in patrols and exercises. Which aimed at boosting China’s military’s combined combat capabilities in the area.

The incident occurred only one day after Taiwan requested a $8.7 billion increase in military spending. In addition including new missiles, citing the urgent need to modernize weaponry in the wake of a “serious threat” from China.

The Chinese patrols and drills also coincided with a US warship passing through international waters. Which is in the Taiwan Strait on Friday, which the US Navy described as a “normal” voyage.

The Eastern Theater Command

The Eastern Theater Command, which oversees Chinese military operations in eastern China. Also said in a second statement on Saturday that the USS Barry was trail during its journey.

Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang warned on Friday that the government must take China’s threat seriously.

“The Chinese Communists are always plotting against us,” he added.

Taiwan’s defence expenditure is “Well focus on protecting national sovereignty, national security,” according to the government. We must not get complacent. We need to make the greatest preparations possible to avoid a war,” he continued.


China’s administration, for its part, chastised Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu on Friday. In which remarks made earlier this week in which he described Taiwan as a “sea fortress” obstructing China’s Pacific development.

Wu’s “goal is to confuse public opinion, to enlist and collaborate with anti-China international forces,”. In addition to a statement from China’s Taiwan Affairs Office.

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