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Syria strikes, Turkey says it will do whatever is needed

Following a surge in cross-border raids by Syrian Kurdish YPG militia. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu warned on Wednesday that Turkey would “do what is require for its security.”. After the Syria strikes on the cross-border.

On Monday, President Tayyip Erdogan stated that an attack claimed on the US-backed YPG. Which killed two Turkish police officers was “the final straw,”. Also that Turkey was perpetrate to eradicate dangers emanating from north Syria Strikes.

The YPG, which Turkey considers a terrorist organization. Also conducted a guided missile strike on police in northern Syria’s Azaz area on Sunday. According to Turkey shells fired from a YPG-controlled region farther east. Which burst in two areas of Karkamis in southern Turkey on Monday, according to Ankara.

Cavusoglu claimed the US and Russia had not maintained their pledges. However to secure the YPG’s withdrawal from the Syrian border area during a press conference in Ankara.

“Both Russia and the United States have responsibility for the recent assaults. Since they failed to uphold their pledges,” Cavusoglu added. “We will do whatever is require for our security since they are not honoring their promises,” he added.

After three successive cross-border offensives into the region against Islamic State and the YPG. Also Turkey now controls large swaths of land in north Syria with allied Syrian rebels. Ankara is enrage by the US’s assistance for the YPG and has demanded that its NATO ally end its support.


Turkey paused its operation in northeast Syria in return for the evacuation of YPG terrorists. Which is 30 kilometers south of its border in separate deals with Moscow and Washington in 2019. But has since complained of breaches and accused both nations of breaking pledges.

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