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Southwest Airlines cancels more than 350 Flights. Know why?

Passengers are in worry Southwest Airlines cancels more than 350 flights. Read more about its details.

Southwest Airlines photos
Southwest Airlines photos

350 flights cancelled:

Southwest Airlines cancels more than 350 flights on Monday, October 11 2021. Following a weekend of significant disruptions that it charged on severe weather and air traffic controller issues. The pilots association sued the company for a botched answer to what it said would have been a secondary test for other airlines. The third straight day of cancelled and postponed flights left travellers stranded and sailing from California to the East Coast. Southwest Airlines cancels more than 350 Flights has surprised many people.

Cancellations Amount:

Monday’s abandonment amounted to 10 per cent of Southwest’s program. According to the tracking service, at least 1,400 other flights, or roughly 40 per cent, were suspended. Shares of Southwest Airlines Co fell 4.3 per cent.

Pilots Association:

The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, serving 9,000 pilots, requested a federal court on Friday to block the airline’s application that all employees get vaccinated. The union claimed that Southwest must bargain over the issue because it could mean sick leave or injury if pilots react to the vaccine.

Southwest spokeswoman Brandy King:

No evidence would show the disruptions by any employee protest over vaccinations. Instead, some passengers not happy by flight delays and the lack of a definite reason for them. “My interest is we had no evidence that was, I feel, very authentic or credible,” said Brian Gesch of Cedar Grove, Wisconsin. Going through Reagan Washington National Airport with his wife. Weather and air travel controllers were the real issues. “So we are not happy and desiring a day of work.” 

A high number of cancelled flights of Southwest in Summer:

Southwest has fought all summer with big numbers of late and cancelled flights. In August, it declared it was cutting its September schedule by 27 flights a day. Fewer than 1 per cent and 162 flights a day, or 4.5 per cent of the program, from the beginning of October through November 5.

President Joe Biden:

United Airlines was the leading major US carrier to declare a vaccination condition. Southwest had continued quietly even after President Joe Biden declared his order for federal contractors and numerous employers. Finally, last week, Southwest said employees take vaccines by December 8 to keep their jobs. Workers can ask to leap the shots for medical or spiritual reasons.


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