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Snapchat for Saudi National Day release new feature

This year’s Saudi National Day will be notable. With a first-of-its-kind augmented reality engagement by Snapchat in the area.

Nearly 90% of regular Snapchat users in Saudi Arabia have already interacted with AR lenses. In addition using AR Lenses at least 30 times per day.

More than 19.5 million people in the Kingdom use the messaging app on a regular basis. However AR will allow them to commemorate National Day on the platform.

On the 22nd of September, Snap Map of Saudi Arabia was in a brilliant green to symbolize the national flag. Also the Kingdom was emphasize from other nations. The first time Snap had ever recolored a Middle Eastern region on the map.

In addition to the significant color shift, Snap will identify cultural and heritage places on the map. However allowing users to explore the Kingdom, such as Alula, Tabuk Castle, Masmak Fort and Nassif House.

Snapchat users in Saudi Arabia will be able to stand on a virtual balcony with all of the country’s landmarks behind them. In addition thanks to the Face Lens experience included in the markers for the locations.

AR will recreate a festive environment complete with fireworks and Saudi Arabia’s national hymn. Also allowing users to immerse themselves in the activity. However turning the camera to see the monuments directly in front of them.

Special Actionmojis in Snapchat for The Kingdom

Additionally, on National Day only, a special set of personalized Actionmojis will be on work. However only available to Snapchat users in the Kingdom.

In the words of Snap Inc.’s regional business head Abdulla Alhammadi said. “Snap chatters in Saudi Arabia are one of the most engaged communities on the platform worldwide”.


“On Saudi National Day, we wanted to provide even larger, more engaging experiences to this community. Also as a gesture of thanks for their commitment to Snap’s creative ecosystem. While jointly honoring the rich history of visual storytelling in the Kingdom.”

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