Sheikh Hamdan daring Video at the highest point of the world’s tallest wheel.

Watch Sheikh Hamdan tastes a drink 820 feet off the ground in a jaw-dropping Ain Dubai video. Sheikh Hamdan daring Video at the highest point is viral.

ain dubai wheel Sheikh Hamdan
ain dubai wheel Sheikh Hamdan

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum took shocking everyone with his new Video. Yes, he took everyone by surprise with his new Video on social media Thursday, October 21 2021. Sheikh Hamdan daring video at the highest point is viral. Why not? He has shown a dare by standing on the highest point of the world’s largest and tallest observation wheel.

New Attraction is open for the Public:

The city’s newest attraction opened to citizens today, October 21, and this latest Video by Sheikh Hamdan — well known for being an adventure-loving enthusiast himself — is only firing the zeal. The Video opens with a shot of him drinking from a mug decorated with the Fazaa logo. Then, the camera pans out to show his seat: right atop a cabin at the wheel’s highest point.

Gear is all that keeps the Crown Prince tied to protection. The camera stays to dip and dive in dizzying ways, giving onlookers a feel for the clear height of the Ferris wheel. All 820 feet of it! 

Sheikh Hamdan Social Media:

Earlier this week, Sheikh Hamdan had kidded his social media following a picture of himself with two others. Picture caption “A harness and a blue sky?”  Get UAE and Dubai’s top News, Market news and other News of UAE and worldwide Arab Market News.

Tickets of the place:

Tickets to the performance cost Dh130 for grown-ups and Dh100 for kids aged three to 12 years. Citizens and guests have been encouraged lots of thrills this weekend. You get live entertainment, food trucks and, of course, magnificent views.

This is a great new thing for Dubai people. A new entertainment place for the people of Dubai. What a start for this place Crown prince himself showed the top view to citizens.

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