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Shaheen Tropical storm may hit the Coastal area of UAE on the 4th of October 2021.

Weather forecasting sites are expecting Shaheen Tropical Storm near coastal areas of UAE on the 4th of October 2021. Shaheen Tropical Storm may hit the Coastal area of UAE.

Shaheen Tropical storm pictures
Shaheen Tropical storm pictures

Tropical storm Shaheen:

 This storm is expected to form in category one tropical cyclone. When it reaches the coasts of the UAE, the pace is anticipated around 50 to 80. Still, it’s a bit early to predict, but surely its track is touching coastal area near Dubai. Shaheen Tropical storm may hit the Coastal area.

Flash Flood and strong winds:

According to the latest forecasts heaving rain, flash floods, and strong winds can damage few things. However, Sea levels can go high in Coastal areas. 

Depression in the Arabian Sea:

On Friday, the tropical depression developed to tropical storm Shaheen in the northeast of the Arabian Sea along the Indian-Pakistani coasts. Centred at 23.3 degrees north latitude and 64.4 degrees east longitude, conducted with various types of clouds compared with rainy clouds with different strengths and powerful winds over the Arabian sea with steam at the centre from 65 to 115 km/h.

Storm moving towards Oman coasts:

“The tropical storm is suppose to develop into a category one tropical cyclone. Therefore, the tropical situation will proceed to move towards Oman coasts.”


Weather sites feels that the eastern coast may get problems due to this storm. It is going to hit on Saturday night and it is going to stay for one day. From Sunday afternoon and evening, some areas of the country going to face problems by the extension of the tropical situation. Also read about expo 2020 Dubai opening ceremony pictures.

Weather sites:

The fresh to heavy winds create sweeping dust and sand. Decreasing horizontal visibility, particularly convective clouds. “The sea state in the Oman Sea will grow rough to very severe. The seawater will enter the eastern coastal areas in the low-lying areas. The sea will be choppy at times northward in the Arabian Gulf.” The Met Office advised the tropical situation around the clock. Metro-logical is going to specify location and give warnings accordingly. Coastal areas remain safe and take care of.

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