Sensex, Nifty today: Sensex rose 259.62 points, Nifty rose 76.65 points

Sensex, Nifty today: Sensex rose 259.62 points, Nifty rose 76.65 points

The Bombay Stock Exchange also saw improvement on Wednesday after Thursday. The BSE benchmark Sensex jumped 259.62 points to 48,803.68. Similarly, the NSE Nifty rose 76.65 points to 14,581.45. Explain that on Monday, the Sensex recorded a huge fall of about 1700 points due to the corona epidemic outbreak. At the same time, the rupee strengthened by 12 paise to 74.93 against the US dollar.

On Thursday, there is a positive trend globally led by HDFC Bank, HDFC Limited, TCS, and ICICI Bank. This is why the BSE Sensex closed up 260 points in a volatile trade. The Sensex, based on 30 stocks, had a volatility of 877 points during trading. In the end, it closed at 48,803.68 points, gaining 259.62 points or 0.53 percent.

Declining shares of these firms

Similarly, the Nifty on the National Stock Exchange rose .66..65 points or 0.53 per cent to 14,581.45 points. TCS was the most profitable of the Sensex stocks. It has gained about 4 percent. Apart from this, ONGC, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Dr. Reddy, HDFC and HCL Tech have also gained momentum. On the other hand, shares that declined include Infosys, Maruti, Indusind Bank, Nestle India and Bajaj Finance.

Impact of the ban in Maharashtra

Vinod Modi, chief strategic officer at Reliance Securities, said domestic stock markets were showing strength in the midst of ups and downs. The stock markets closed with gains beyond the day’s lows. This is due to the increase in the shares of financial and pharmaceutical companies. He said automobile companies were the most affected due to widespread restrictions in Maharashtra. Maharashtra contributes more than 20 per cent of the total vehicle production in the country.

According to Modi, however, stocks of IT companies saw strong purchases due to the possibility of continued growth, other markets in Asia saw declines in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and Seoul and Tokyo were profitable. In Europe, large markets have seen a surge in early business. Meanwhile, international oil standard Brent crude fell 0.63 percent to ৩ 8.34.

Wipro’s profit

During this time, Wipro has made huge profits. At the end of the 31st March quarter, Wipro’s net profit was 2.7. 2,9722 crore. At the same time, the company’s revenue grew by Rs 16,245 crore. Let me tell you that by 9:30 am on Thursday, the Sensex had risen 142 points to 46,6866.17 and then at 35:30 am, the Sensex was close to the red again. At the same time, the Sensex fell 427 points to 48.3117.68 and reached 10.33 in the morning.

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