SDAIA aspires for Saudi to be in top 10 for data and AI

According to Mishari Almishari, the head of the authority’s strategy office. The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) intends to place Saudi Arabia as one of the top ten nations. In data and AI, and is educating 25,000 data and AI professionals.

According to Almishari, who spoke at the Saudi Arabia CIO summit earlier this month in collaboration. With International Data Corporation (IDC), the goal is to attract SR20 billion ($5.3 billion) in investments in data and AI.

“Our duty is to facilitate digitalization. “I don’t believe it’s a luxury; I think it’s a key and an answer to many problems,” he added.

The future will be difficult, he added, and “the essential aspect is preparedness, readiness, and readiness.”

SDAIA helped to control the pandemic by launching Tawakkalna. A smartphone app that lets the government to track down persons infected with COVID-19, according to Almishari.

It only took 3 weeks to create since the foundation for digital structure had already established before to the epidemic. According to Almishari, the application now has more than 22 million users and more than 75 services.

SDAIA Efforts on The Global AI Summit Last Year

Also the CIO summit follows a number of SDAIA efforts. Also including the global AI summit last year and the LAUNCH event in August. In addition when it was approve with ten global technology firms to build academies to teach Saudi youth.

Other speakers at the event included Richard Heitmann, vice president of automation at IBM.  Also who stated that businesses who began using AI technology early suffered less during the epidemic.

The relevance of cloud technology in terms of flexibility, innovation and cost reduction was emphasize by Fawaz Al-Harbi. Who is vice head of the Saudi Cloud Computing Association.

“We were able to observe how essential the cloud is. As many businesses would have struggled in coping with the changes caused by the pandemic,” he added.


According to IBM’s Heitmann, business leaders are making significant changes in terms of operations. However one of which is connecting systems across the complicated hybrid cloud environment.

According to Khasim Anwar of Samba Financial Group, this method is not always viable in Saudi Arabia. In addition the banking industry, for example, is one of several that is not authorize to employ hybrid clouds.

According to SAAIA strategic consultant Areej Alamri. SDAIA hopes to organise the second global AI conference by the end of 2021. Also final preparations are on move, and unlike last year’s virtual event. However “this year it will be a hybrid where some people will come in person and some will attend online,”.

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