Saudi National Day celebrations starts with Colorful parades, cultural dances

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority opened celebrations on Thursday. This was for the 91st Saudi National Day. The strict COVID-19 restrictions lifted and a large number of visitors took place in the celebration. They came in to the Jewel of the Kingdom. The Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation hosted a parade. This inaugurated the start of the event. The families enjoyed themselves and went ahead to the swarm of motorbikes that made their way through Diriyah.

A separate session of float parades hosted across three different parks in Diriyah. The floats began their first show in Al-Reem Park, followed by Al-Khalifa, and lastly King Faisal Park. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior also joined hands for the event. The went forward to create an interactive parade for the community that highlighted the history, heritage and future of Saudi Arabia. Therefore the very first parade float inspired by the traditional Diriyah homes. This parade introduced the Ardah performers. Following this the next showed the future of Diriyah through motion graphics. Therefore local performers took place in this event.

The third float inspired by “One Nation”/ This presented the five different dances from the main regions of the Kingdom. The final float was by the future generation of the Kingdom. Children together gave a very beautiful performance. They performed a song and dance dressed in traditional Najdi clothing. However precautionary measure followed here. Similarly the national anthem was played by the royal orchestra. Following this the next event was the Camel and Cavalry March. This led by the Royal Al-Hijana and royal marching band, whose members circled Diriyah and carried Saudi flags. The closing event hosted by the Ministry of Interior. This a laser show that was projected over Salwa Palace in the At-Turaif district of the Martyrs of the Kingdom.


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