Saudi Arabia all set to give COVID-19 booster shots to people aged 60 and over

Saudi Arabia’s health minister announces third vaccine dose for people aged 60 and above. This planned to increase their immunity. “We are currently preparing to include older adults in the booster dose plan, which will be provided after they complete eight months since they received their second dose of the vaccine,” ministry spokesman Dr. Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aly told a press briefing. The shots given preferably first to high risk individuals. This includes people with chronic kidney failure and people with organ transplants. Similarly over 18.3 million people vaccinated across the Kingdom’s immunization campaign started.

Saudi Arabia confirmed five new COVID-19 related deaths on Sunday. This has added on to the total number of fatalities to 8,699. People advised to get both the doses at the earliest. The health ministry also announced that 58 patients had recovered from COVID-19. People tend to recover faster if they have been vaccinated. Several precautionary measure taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19. However recorded that several people have violated the rules and regulations set by then nation. They recorded 19,870 violations of the regulations in one week. Therefore this statistics was given out by the Ministry of Interior.

Municipalities requested all the commercial facilities to follow the regulations to ensure public safety and prevent the spread of the disease. Similarly ministry spokesperson Saad Al-Hammad said 3,784 reports of potential violations received during the past month. Currently data states that 88 percent of public sector and 85 percent of private sector employees received both vaccine doses.
“These numbers indicate an increased awareness among the public of the need for health safety in the community to confront the pandemic,” Al-Hammad said. Therefore all expected to get both doses as soon as possible.



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