Rules announced for renting cars in Abu Dhabi

Customers can identify the closest available cars and take them on rent.

Rules announced for renting cars in Abu Dhabi by the authority. Customers will be allowed to book the nearest available rental cars through an app. The rent will be paid as per usage by the customer.

This is a step towards providing smart service to the citizens. A set of rules and regulations are set by the authorities for renting cars by the hour.

Renting of cars will be made available to the people of Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE. They will be allowed to enjoy the drive and pay as per usage.

Also, a different set of rules have been made for the violators of the law. entities or users who will not obey the rules will be fined for non-compliance by the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC).

Rules announced for renting cars:

Customers can rent a vehicle for a maximum of six hours a day.

Vehicles can be rented by the hour for a maximum of six hours per day. Though no one is allowed to rent out a vehicle by the hour without getting permission from the ITC and approval from the Department of Economic Development.

Customers can rent out only licensed vehicles and that too to dive within the authorised areas. Also, only the user registered will be allowed to drive the vehicle.

The renting out of vehicles will motivate the residents towards smart service. This will also reduce traffic congestion, the ITC stated.

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This will be a beneficial movement for businessmen, visitors and tourists to migrate across UAE with ease. This scheme will give you multiple options to move from one place to another and that too at reasonable rates.

Violators will be fined for violating the laws and regulations.

Rules announced for renting cars in Abu Dhabi will also boost the economic section of the country.

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