Red Sea Festival delivers movies to Jeddah’s streets

You don’t want to go to the movies because you too tired? There’s nothing to worry about… The movies are coming to Jeddah, and you may even star in one. In this Red Sea Film Festival.

As part of a community effort to educate Saudi film aficionados on acting, directing, and producing. The Red Sea Film Festival has introduced film screenings and workshops.

The initiative began in four Jeddah districts, with six daily screenings of films. Such as “The Book of Sun,” “Baghdad Messi,” and “Bekas,”. Which got select for their appeal to younger audiences.

And the program isn’t only for movie buffs. Six directors and three actors from around the Kingdom will lead masterclasses. Also filming a scene in front of a live audience. In which some of the audience members to get select to participate as extras or crew members.

Edouard Waintrop comments on the Red Sea Festival

According to Edouard Waintrop. The festival’s creative director, the goal is to make the film business accessible to individuals of all ages. Also with a focus on young Saudis to inspire the future generation of filmmakers. Who would not have considered a career in the field otherwise.

“Untapped talent abounds in Saudi Arabia. Also it is one of our top goals to help our indigenous talent reach their full potential,” he added.

“By providing them with the means to succeed and nurturing their potential. We have brought the film business to the streets of Jeddah. In addition to effort to educate, empower, and inspire an interest in youngsters.”


“The Red Sea International Film Festival aspires to be a pioneer in Saudi Arabia. Also throughout the world, not only in terms of festival activities, partnerships, and competitions. But also in terms of the influence our community outreach initiatives have on future generations.”

Cinema Al-Hara, which loosely translates to alley or lane. Also the name of the new program. Which will run through Oct. 30.

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