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Profit is not first for Facebook Safety is important says Zuckerberg.

After 6 hours of mishaps that happened a few days back in FB, IG and WhatsApp, Zuckerberg wrote a letter to Facebook representatives. Safety is important says Zuckerberg.

whatsapp facebook and instagram server down pictures
whatsapp facebook and instagram server down pictures

Zuckerberg letter to its team:

Zuckerberg was not feeling good after what happened a few days back in FB, IG, and WhatsApp. So he wrote a note to his team on Facebook. But, unfortunately, it happened hours after a whistleblower testified before US lawmakers. Safety is important says Zuckerberg.

Rubbishes False Claims:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg rubbishes false news and hit back at allegations. The social media giant fuels division hurts children and needs to be fixed. Saying the company’s case that profits over safety is “just not right.”

Illogical Claims:

The evidence that we intentionally push content that makes somebody angry for profit is very illogical. For example, Zuckerberg wrote a note to Facebook employees that he then posted on his account hours after a whistleblower claimed before US lawmakers. “I don’t understand any tech company that sets out to create products that make somebody angry or sad. The moral, business and stock incentives all point in the reverse direction.”

Biggest IT giant:

Zuckerberg was also in the news for FB, IG, and WhatsApp got to stop for 6hours. The company faced a big loss due to that issue. FB head often comes into trouble for any reason. After all, he is the biggest IT giant, so this kind of issue will come towards him. But, till now, Zuckerberg has handled things beautifully. He is smart and accurate also way ahead than his competitors in the market. 

Running a big IT firm:

It is not easy to run such a big firm. His Apps popularity is now bigger than most in the world. Many lives now depend on his company. He understands the importance of giving good things to society. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to such things in the coming years. Also read about UAE coming out from covid-19 crises.

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