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Sunday, October 17, 2021

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Private Schools in Sharjah starts but as in-person classes from October 31.

The big decision came out today. Private Schools in Sharjah starts on October 31. This is good news but also a big step which can be a game changer in 2021. Read more about it in detail.

sharjah schools photos
sharjah schools photos

Certain individuals are free from the decision:

Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) has stated that private schools across Sharjah starts. This time full-time school from October 31. This news given by Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) has been announce.


Individuals are free from this decision. However, a top official at SPEA said this reflects a choice from the emirate’s Crisis and Disaster Management Committee, which advised adherence to careful measures to guarantee the security of all educational community members.

Safety concerns:

The official urged schools’ management and parents to fully support to help a reliable and full return of direct learning. He says that this magnificent efforts are taken by appropriate authorities to defeat the consequences of the pandemic. The safety rules in place and the current decline in cases have played an important role in transitioning back to full in-person learning.

Special Planning:

“We have set up programs in training for pupils’ total return to direct learning and for addressing any drop in school outcomes that may have transpired during remote learning,” said the official. However, the official emphasis that adhering to protection rules to avoid disturbing the full results of school decisions is given responsibility.

Current new Year:

To guarantee it presents a safe and good educational atmosphere for pupils, parents, and faculty. Furthermore, SPEA introduced the current academic Year with great planning based on choices taken according to updates to the health condition. 


SPEA has also spread knowledge about the pandemic. They rolled out seminars and training courses concentrating on the distance learning model. The authority’s guide for re-opening schools is to help fulfil its important goals of improving competencies.

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