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Spoons are the new emblem of Palestinian ‘liberation.’

After inmates were declare to have carried off one of Israel’s most spectacular jail escapes. However using the item, the simple spoons has taken its position among traditional flags. Also in banners as a Palestinian resistance emblem.

When six Palestinian terrorists escaped from the high-security Gilboa Prison on September 6. In addition social media posted photos showing a tunnel at the foot of a sink and a hole excavated outside.

The hashtag “the miracle spoons” speculated on how the Hollywood-style accomplishment may have occurred.

But it wasn’t clear whether the utensil was actually use or whether its made up.

Then, on Wednesday, a lawyer for one of the fugitives who has since been imprison. Who told AFP that his client, Mahmud Abdullah Ardah, said he dug the tunnel from his cell using spoons.

According to his lawyer, Roslan Mahajjana, he began trying to get out of the northern Israeli facility in December.

Ardah was one of four fugitives imprison after the army launched a major manhunt in the occupied West Bank.

All six were accuse of planning or carrying out attacks on Israelis.

Following the very uncommon escape, two men are still on the run. Israel has launched an investigation into the failures that led to the humiliating event. Which Palestinians regard as a “win.”

“With dedication, alertness… and cleverness, even with a spoon, it was able to construct a tunnel. In addition through which the Palestinians fled and the enemy kept imprisoned,” Arabi 21 writer Sari Orabi said.

The “spoons of freedom” for all Palestinians

According to Palestinian cartoonist Mohammed Sabaaneh, the breakout has provided up “dark comedy” and exposed Israel’s security apparatus.

He has created numerous drawings using the tool, including one titled “The Tunnel of Freedom.”

Outside of the Palestinian territories, where spoons are convey in protests in support of Israeli detainees. Which means the topic has sparked appreciation.

Maitham Abdal, a Kuwaiti artist. Who carved a massive hand firmly clutching a spoon – the “spoon of freedom,” as he puts it.


Similarly inspired, Amman-based graphic designer Raed Al-Qatnani. Who symbolically portrayed six shadows crossing a spoon-shaped bridge to freedom.

It also reminds him of the countless hunger strikes carried out by Palestinian prisoners in order to protest their captivity.

“Every detainee fantasizes of escaping from an Israeli prison,” Mahdawi added.
He went on to say that doing it with a spoon is something that “will go down in history.”

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