Palestine municipal elections likely opposed by Hamas

The Authorities are planning to hold Palestine municipal elections. However Hamas, which governs Gaza, has failed to reply to the Palestinian Authority’s proposal. Which is to hold polls alongside the West Bank.

Analysts believe the delays are part of a Hamas effort. In addition to prevent Palestine municipal elections from taking place. Which is to be in the works as a consequence of European pressure.

After the mandates of the local councils ended in early June. The Palestinian administration, led by Mohammad Shtayyeh a member of Fatah’s Central Committee. However, decided to disband them.

“Work is ongoing to bring about substantial reforms. In addition to arranging the union elections and municipal elections by the end of the year,”. Shtayyeh told consuls and officials from European nations.

Since the previous parliamentary elections in 2006. Also when Hamas won a majority, the Palestinians have not conducted united elections. Which also took place in mid-2007. Local elections have only took place in the West Bank since then, excluding Gaza.

Unified municipal elections were allot for October 2016. However the Palestinian High Court of Justice, the Palestinian territories’ highest legal authority. Which to be on hold  until further notice, citing the fact that Jerusalem would not be a part.

Palestinian Authority Plans for Palestine Municipal Elections

Magdi Al-Saleh, the Palestinian Authority’s minister of local government. Said the Palestinian Authority had notified Hamas. About its plan to organize local council elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. But had received no formal response.

He also said that the Palestine municipal elections will take place in two stages. There are 387 local bodies in the first phase. The municipalities, which represent the centers of governorates. Also significant metropolitan regions, are part of the second phase.

It’s worth noting that Hamas has yet to release an official statement on the local elections.

Hamas official and former minister Muhammad Al-Madhoun, on the other hand, stated that the organization “had a clear position.”


While Hamas appears to be absolutely refusing to participate in these polls. Also the other factions have warned that the elections should not take place in two parts. But rather throughout the West Bank and Gaza.

Mustafa Barghouti, the Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative. Who stressed the need of holding elections in all municipalities and village councils on the same day.

“There is no reason for separating the municipal elections into stages,” he said in a news release. “because this risks postponing them forever in places with big populations. In addition to the fact that the separation undermines the concept of equal democratic practice for all citizens.”

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