Oman closedown for the next two days, Shaheen started to show its effects before landfall.

Flash floods in some parts of Oman. However, Shaheen started to show its effects before landfall. 

Shaheen Tropical storm pictures
Shaheen Tropical storm pictures

Flash flood in Oman:

Historic landfall expected. Cyclone #Shaheen is about to strike Oman hard where no recorded cyclone has struck before, especially with this intensity. Bizarre looking at a cyclone with an eye feature surrounded by desert. Missing child found dead in the flooded area; Muscat Governorate roads cut off. All schools and govt offices are closed in Dhofar and Al Wusta. The latest satellite images indicate Shaheen is moving towards the coast of the Sultanate. Shaheen started to show its effects before landfall. 

Two day holiday in Oman:

Oman has announced a two-day holiday for both government and private sectors on October 3 & 4 as the sultanate blocks for cyclone Shaheen. All institutions in the Sultanate, but Dhofar and Al Wusta, will also be closed. The tropical cyclone does not directly affect these two regions.

Ferry services effected:

Ferry services overall govt affected, might see a delay for few days as it remains closed. “Mwasalat rejects its Buses and Ferries services in all govt of the sultanate, starting from Sunday, October 3, 2021,” Mwasalat said in one report.

Latest satellite images:

The latest satellite images and studies indicate that Shaheen continues its move towards the coast of the Sultanate, commanding the Sea of Oman. With a gust speed of 116 to 150 km per hour, the storm’s eye is currently 320km away from Muscat.

Cloudy and muddy weather:

The capital city wore a dark look since morning. The heavy winds were cool, and the sea looked rough, with waves falling rapidly to the shore. Therefore, the Royal Oman Police has urged the general public to exercise discretion and not venture to beaches and seashores as the sea becomes uneven and choppy.

Landfall of Shaheen:

The direct impacts started from today morning. High-speed winds of 30 to 60 knots are possible, so also very massive thunderstorms. The low lying areas are likely to get overflow with rainwater. Waves in the sea rise to 3 to 5 metres in the sea of Oman, flanking the capital area.

High alert:

Meanwhile, the National Committee for Emergency Management (NCEM), Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority and state’s apparatus are on high alert, with teams mobilised and stationed at various flashpoints.

Help centre:

The Muscat Call Centre will go round the clock to receive charges or calls for support on 1111. In addition, the Royal Oman Police are now posted across various checkpoints in the capital. Thus, improving the traffic as well as turning back those thinking on adventures during rains.

Super Markets:

Hypermarkets inside mega stores like Avenues Mall, Mall of Oman, Muscat Grand Mall, Muscat City Centre, Qurum City Centre, and supermarkets see customers in bulk. People are purchasing fresh fresh fresh milk, milk powder, bread, egg & other insignificant grocery items. Read about Indian actress getting golden visa.

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