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Nuclear negotiation push, EU ambassador to visit Iran

According to the Iranian foreign ministry. The EU ambassador in charge of coordinating nuclear negotiation. Which is on resurrecting the faltering nuclear deal between Iran and other countries will visit Tehran on Thursday.

According to a ministry statement. Enrique Mora’s visit “is a follow-up to discussions between the two sides on topics of mutual importance. Also notably Iran-EU ties, Afghanistan, and the nuclear deal.”

The agreement, which relieved Iran of sanctions in exchange for limits on its nuclear program, on life support since 2018. When then-US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew and reimpose crushing penalties.

Mora’s visit to Tehran comes amid growing pressure from EU nations. Also the US for a quick restart of discussions on Washington’s return to the nuclear deal.

During a visit to Israel on Sunday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated. “The message to Iran is unequivocal: come to the negotiating table quickly.”

Tehran has been seeking assurances from Europe that Trump’s unilateral pullout will not repeat.

Foreign Ministry on Nuclear negotiation

On Monday, foreign ministry spokesperson Saeed Khatib Zadeh told reporters that. β€œThe European capitals, especially Berlin… must offer their unequivocal guarantee to the Islamic republic. That this time, no party would breach the nuclear deal.”

Although US President Joe Biden has expressed interest in returning to the agreement. His Secretary of State Antony Blinken cautioned earlier. That this month that time was running out and the ball was in Iran’s court.

Since Iran’s president was elect in June. The talks in Vienna between Iran and the other parties. Which to the accord β€” the United Kingdom, China, France, Germany, and Russia β€” have been on hold.

President Ebrahim Raisi, an ultraconservative former judiciary leader. Also considered to be less willing than his predecessor Hassan Rouhani. Which is to make concessions to the West in order to reach an agreement.

Iran has stated several times that it is ready to begin negotiations “soon,” but no specific date has been reveal.


In reaction to the US withdrawal, Tehran has steadily scaled back its nuclear promises. Also Washington has demanded that it do so as well.

Mora attended Raisi’s inauguration in August, prompting condemnation from Israel. Which is a vocal opponent of the nuclear deal with Iran.

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