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Friday, September 24, 2021

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North Korea is again in the news after testing Two Ballistic missiles on the East Sea, news South Korea.

North Korea fired two ballistic missiles on the east coast. South Korea’s military says, its first ballistic missile test in six months.

After North Korea fired two ballistic missiles on the east coast, South Korea and China kept meetings to get the North to resume denuclearisation talks. However, North Korea has continued to expand its weapons despite a severe economic crisis.

After North Korea hours later, the South tested its first submarine-launched ballistic missile. The missile test SLBM did with the plan and not in reaction to the North’s latest launches. South Korea has become the seventh country in the world with such technology.

two ballistic missiles on the east coast
two ballistic missiles on the east coast

President Moon Jae-in, who attended the test, said South Korea now had “adequate weapons to respond to North Korea’s stimuli at any time”, forcing the South to continue developing its weapons programmes to “Destroy North Korea’s power”.

The US wants to give up its atomic and missile programmes for fines relief, but the North has rejected.

The short-range missiles of North Korea flew upto 800 km (500 miles) at a maximum height of 60km. Thrown from central inland areas of the country, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said.

The JCS added that they flew east towards the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea, saying South Korea and the US were analyzed to determine which type of missile was used.

In between, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga says the launch is “unreasonable”, saying it is not good for peace and security in the region.

“Not only North Korea but other nations are taking out the military activity. So all of us should make forces in a way that helps resume dialogue.”

The UN Security Council does not forbid the test of cruise missiles. But it considers ballistic missiles more threatening because they can carry bigger and more powerful payloads, have a much longer range, and travel faster.

North Korea crises:

North Korea is suffering food shortages and has spent more than a year in confinement. So it cut off most trade with its most familiar ally China to prevent the spread of Covid-19. 

The UN atomic agency said North Korea seemed to have restarted a reactor. It is done to produce plutonium for nuclear weapons, not good for progress.


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