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Houthis not willing to make peace

According to a prominent Yemeni lawmaker. The Iran-backed Houthis militia is hesitant to make peace in Yemen. In addition they actually obstructing attempts to stop hostilities in the conflict-ridden nation.

But the Houthis militia hasn’t agreed to make peace yet. Instead, it’s intentionally undermining peace attempts and offers by continuing to fight. When Parliament speaker Sultan Al-Barakani met with US envoy. Timothy Lenderking to explore peace proposals for Yemen, he remarked. “These signs suggest they have never been willing to establish peace.”

Houthis at Fault According to Parliament Leader

According to the parliament leader, the Houthis are to fault for thwarting peace attempts and initiatives. As well as for intensifying military operations against civilians and infrastructure, such as Mocha port.

Al-Barakani cited as an example of the militia’s crimes against the Yemeni people. However the recent public execution of nine persons. Who were suspect of involvement in the death of Houthis commander Saleh Al-Samad in 2018.

The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms. On the other hand, claimed to have recorded 6,476 Houthi crimes against women over the course of five years. In addition with the majority of the fatalities and injuries. Caused by artillery bombardment and the detonation of mines and other explosive devices.


There were also 770 incidents of arrests and kidnapping. As well as 195 cases of enforced disappearance. Also 70 cases of torture in Yemen between January 1, 2015, and June 1, 2021. According to the human rights group.

Additionally, it verified the presence of torture and inhumane treatment of 70 women. Who were captives in Houthi militia jails, both hidden and open to the general public.

There were bogus accusations against their honor. Also it appears that some of those released testified to trafficking in their honor. However prompting some of them to kill themselves, the group said.

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