No mountain is high enough for 70 year old Sood



Dubai: No mountain is high enough for 70 year old Sood. Raman Sood is an immigrant to Dubai from India. He said in an interview that his goal is to climb all the highest peaks in 7 continents.

Raman Sood is a 70 year old mountaineer who was an indian national. He used to work in a bank in India. After serving for 40 years there, he moved to Dubai with his wife and daughter’s family.

No mountain is high enough for 70 year old Sood: How it all started?

Sood started spending most of the hours of his day surfing internet and browsing social media on his cellphone. One fine day when Sood was mindlessly going through his phone, his ten yeard old grandson asked him about his purpose in life. This question made the septuagenarian out of his day dreaming. He replied to his grandson that he has fulfilled the purpose his of life and there’s nothing left now.

After hearing to this, Sood’s grandson refused to believe that his life has no purpose left. That very night, Sood could not sleep and kept on thinking what actually he want to pursue. That was the moment when 70 year old Sood decided to fulfil his lifelong dream of climbing Mount Everest. No mountain is high enough for 70 year old Sood.

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Some achievements of 70 year old grandfather

Raman Sood has never looked back since that conversation took place. From 2021to july 2022, Raman Sood completed the Everest Base Camp trekk. Along with that he took the monotonous journey of the Three Passes Trek that ended at the Kala patthar trek.

The previous month also, Sood scaled 6,111 metres of Mount Yunam that is in Himachal Pradesh in India. The Indian expatriate is one of the oldest person to climb the Manali-Leh highway near Baralacha pass.

In most of the trekks, Sood was accompanied by people aged between 25-45. Sood was the oldest in the group and he was very happy to hear that he was doing well among all of them.

According to his recent interviews, Sood deams to climb all the highest peaks in the seven continents. No mountain is high enough for 70 year old Sood, he added to his statement.

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