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Netflix offers free plan in Kenya

According to Reuters, Netflix Inc. began selling a free mobile service in Kenya on Monday. In addition with approximately a quarter of its TV series and movies included. As part of a growth strategy aimed at a crucial African market.

This free plan is only accessible on Android phones and does not include any advertisements. There are Netflix movies and TV shows like “Money Heist” and “Bridgerton” and African series like “Blood & Water”. As well as some programming the company licenses from others. Netflix is hoping that by offering a free trial. However people will decide to upgrade to a more expensive plan with more features.

The world’s largest streaming video service is looking to expand outside of more saturated markets such as the United States. However new subscriber signups have slowed amid increased competition for online audiences.

Executives are optimistic about streaming television’s long-term future. Which is pointing out that it is only now beginning to take hold in some major markets around the world. Netflix has partnered with Nigerian production studios like “Queen Sono” and “Jiva!” to create locally produced content like these to attract African customers.

Netflix Director Cathy Conk

In a blog post, Netflix’s director of product innovation, Cathy Conk, said. “If you’ve never watched Netflix before — and many people in Kenya haven’t”. To access the entire catalogue on your TV or laptop. Simply upgrade to one of our paid plans if you like what you see.

Kenya will soon have access to the free plan, which began on Monday.

According to a Netflix spokesman. The non-paying users in Kenya will not be include in the paid number that the business discloses each quarter.

Netflix has previously used free trials to test new business models. In 2020, several episodes of “Stranger Things” . Also movies such as “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”  made freely available to web browsers all around the world over the internet.


Kenya’s no-cost health plan covers a wider range of services. According to the spokesman, it would resemble premium Netflix accounts to offer users a taste of the service. Shows that aren’t part of the free subscription plan will have a lock symbol next to their names. If a user clicks on one of those names, it will lead them to a premium subscription service.

Anyone in Kenya over the age of 18 may sign up for the free service. There will be no need to provide any financial details.

However users will not be able to download a show or movie if you choose the free plan.

Subscriptions to streaming TV services are still a modest market in Africa. According to Digital TV Research, Netflix will have 6.26 million paying subscribers in 2026.

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