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Measure taken to ensure vegetation and battle desertification in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia handles desertification by growing its green space, particularly in its secured nature saves. On Wednesday, the Imam Turki receptacle Abdullah Royal Reserve Development Authority and the National Center for Vegetation Cover marked an MoU. This to foster vegetation cover and secure variety.

Mohammed Al-Shaalan, CEO of the ITBA authority, said the MoU is a continuation of the position’s endeavors to save vegetation cover so the save turns into a global fascination and an ecotourism objective wealthy in legacy and nature, safeguarding these with the interest of the nearby local area and fortifying ecotourism. He said that the marking of the MoU comes as the “Saudi Green Initiative Forum” and the “Center East Green Initiative Summit” are held not long from now.

Found north of the Kingdom’s capital, the hold set up in 2018 by the imperial announcement. The region covers 91,500 sq km and is home to more than 120 unique sorts of greenery. Similarly over 60 kinds of fauna like the Arabian wolf and prickly tail reptiles. Last March, Crown Prince Mohammed canister Salman dispatched drives that mean to diminish fossil fuel byproducts. This by 60% in the district and plant 50 billion trees on the planet’s biggest afforestation project. This is twofold the size of the Great Green Wall in the Sahel area, the second most extraordinary provincial afforestation drive.

Dr. Khaled canister Abdullah Al-Abdulkader, CEO of NCVC, said that the MoU focuses on participation with the ITBA position to coordinate. This creates vegetation cover, saves plant variety in the hold, and includes the local neighborhood area in programs. These that assist with taking on conduct that advances natural supportability. Also empowering venture established on the global standards of ecotourism. This planned to accomplish ideal administration and activity of plant assets.


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