Libyan leader for country’s security holds conference

On Thursday, the Libyan presidential council stated that he will hold an international conference next month. In addition to provide support for efforts to bring peace and security to the country.

Mohammed Al-Menfi said that the agenda of the conference was highlight by security, military and economic problems. Which would increase support for future national elections as well.

He said that the conference will be hosting Libyan factions with an eagerness to reconcile with regional and international parties. In addition to promote stability and security which has evaded Libya since the fall of 2011, by Muammar Qaddafi. Who governed the country for 40 years.

Efforts of Libyan Parties

Despite efforts to reconcile Libyan parties the Libyan leader acknowledged that the obstacles remain on the road to democracy.

He stated that Libya had made “great steps” in the implementation of solutions stipulated by agreements. Which is between the various Libyan factions and United Nations resolutions.

Although progress made, Al-Menfi said the country “is still facing major problems and rapid developments,”. Which might put a stop to the on-going political process.

In terms of political unity, Libya continues facing several challenging problems in its established warring parties. There are continuing conflicts between the President’s Council, located in Tripoli, and General Khalifa Haftar. Who oversees both the eastern part of the nation and the Libyan military.

Earlier this year, a transitional administration created to advance the country to elections on 24 December.

“With free and transparent elections, Libya has the choice either of successfully becoming a democratize. Or of returning to the heart of the fighting and armed conflict,” al-Menfi stated.

The world community has urged Libya to support the removal of the country from foreign military and mercenaries. Which is to create a ‘safe, transparent election atmosphere.’

Al-Menfi Request

Al-Menfi requested that European nations share their duties in resolving the problem of illegal African immigrants. However passing via Libya on the northern road to Europe. Saying that the international community alone had borne their burden and deserved help.


On the human rights abuse that plagued Libya in its decade-long civilian war. Also the presence of terrorist groups in Libya, his government said it was in place. Also had worked for a meaningful reconciliation through the exchange, reparation, and facing the fate of the missing people. The government had also committed itself to protecting the human rights of the Libyan people.

Al-Menf underlined Libyan support for the Palestinian people and stated. That his nation was dedicate with Jerusalem as its capital to building the Palestinian State.

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