Last week, Europe seen an increase in COVID-19

Last week on Monday, the Globe Health Organization reported a 7% increase in new coronavirus infections in Europe. The only region in the world where instances climbed.

The UN health agency stated in its weekly assessment of the pandemic issued late Tuesday. That there were around 2.7 million new COVID-19 cases and about 46,000 fatalities worldwide last week. Similar to the numbers reported the week before.

According to the WHO, Europe and the Americas have the greatest rates of COVID-19 infection. Globally, the United States recorded the most new cases, more than 580,000, despite an 11 percent reduction.

In Europe, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Turkey had the most instances.

The most significant decreases in COVID-19 cases were in Africa and the Western Pacific. Where infections decreased by 18% and 16%, respectively. Despite a severe lack of vaccinations on the continent. Also the number of fatalities in Africa has decreased by roughly a fourth.

Last week report on Coronavirus infections in Europe

Coronavirus infections in Europe have increased for the third week in a row, with around 1.3 million new cases reported. According to WHO, more over half of the countries in the area have seen an increase in COVID-19 cases. The United Kingdom and Russia both reported a 15% increase in new cases.

Russia has set new daily records for COVID-19 cases many times in the last week. While the number of infections in the UK has risen to levels not seen since mid-July.

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin supported a Cabinet proposal. Which was to send Russian workers home for a week to prevent the virus from spreading.


Despite the availability of the Sputnik V vaccine, Russian officials have struggled to vaccinate the public. Only approximately 32% of the population has got an vaccinate owing to vaccine mistrust. With almost 225,000 deaths, it has by far the highest viral death toll in Europe.

Despite the fact that the director of the UK’s National Health Service. Which has asked the government to implement tougher COVID-19 standards. Including mask use and kid vaccinations, lawmakers have so far resisted.

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