Landmark Group in UAE is going to host the ‘Beat Diabetes’ event

The aim of the event is to aware the people to get tested and stay active.

The Landmark Group in UAE is going to host the ‘Beat Diabetes’ event. The primary focus of the event will be highlighting the importance of getting tested.

The event will also encourage people to stay healthy by eating healthy food. Also, the event will include a 3Km walk to inspire people to stay active.

The ‘Beat Diabetes’ event will be the 12th edition of the Landmark Group. The event will be aimed at creating awareness about diabetes. The event will take place on Thursday at Zaabeel Park in Dubai.

Though, the event took place virtually last year. The reason was to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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As the condition is under control now, the CSR has decided not to conduct the event virtually. This event will bring the emiratis and other citizens of UAE together and will raise their awareness about the disease.

Aim of hosting the ‘Beat Diabetes’ event:

The aim to organize the event is to highlight the importance of getting diabetes tested and detected. People will also be encouraged to eat healthy food and avoid junk. The event will also include a 3Km walk that will enhance their physical activity. The motive behind the walk is to encourage people for staying active and physically fit.

The Landmark Group in UAE that is going to host the ‘Beat Diabetes’ event has collaborated with STEPPI. The reason for this collaboration was to measure the actual and total number of steps of the participants during the event.

The event will also have kiosks set up. These setups will allow the visitors of the event to get their sugar levels tested. The event will also have other activities so that all the members of the family can visit and enjoy “Beat Diabetes’. These activities include Yoga, foot stalls and Zumba. There will be cooking classes as well, so you can learn to cook healthy food. Also, a Superkidz area is made for kids visiting the event.

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