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Know why Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were not working 6 hours.

Know the reason why Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were not working for 6 hours. The reason Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram was not working was Faulty configuration change. Everyone wants to know Why Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were not working for 6 hours.

why fb whatsapp and ig was down
why fb whatsapp and ig was down

Facebook come up with reason:

Facebook Inc blamed a “faulty configuration change” as the reason problem came. Nearly six-hour dim-out on Monday blocked its 3.5 billion users from accessing WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger.

The company apologized to its users:

According to the sources, the Facebook head came up with an apology. First, he is sorry for this inconvenience that has happened in the last six hours. Outage happens by an internal mistake in how internet traffic is routed to its systems. The employees said that the failures of internal communication tools and other sources that depend on that same network to work complicated the error. Security experts have said a careless mistake by an insider was both believable. 


Twitter on Monday got higher-than-normal usage. This is because they face some issues in people accessing posts and direct messages. For example, Netflix gave a meme from its new hit show, “Squid Game.” They captioned it “When Instagram & Facebook are down,” which showed a person named “Twitter” holding up a character on the verge of falling labelled “everyone.”

Loss of revenue:

According to surveys from ad analysis firm Standard Media Index, Facebook, the world’s largest seller of online ads after Google, lost about $545,000 in U.S. ad. This data is of revenue per hour squared during the outage. Past downtime at internet businesses has had a little long-term effect on their revenue growth, however.

The fault message on Facebook’s webpage:

This suggested an error in the Domain Name System (DNS), allowing web addresses to take users to their destinations. Also read about what happen when whatsapp fb and IG was down. 

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