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Know the New Timings and Ticket prices of Dubai Safari Park getting open from Today.

Suppose you want to see various types of animals and creatures in place in Dubai. Know the Timing and Ticket Prices of Dubai Safari Park ultimate place for a public picnic. 

3d Map-of-Dubai-Safari-Park
3d Map-of-Dubai-Safari-Park

Dubai Safari Park reopens: 

Great news for animal lovers Dubai’s top safari park is open today, on 27 September 2021. It has remained closed for almost two years now. Finally, it is open and ready to host new people. New Timings and Ticket prices of Dubai Safari Park are as follows.

#Dubai Safari Park’s new term begins 27 September 2021, opening to visitors daily from 9 am to 5 pm. @DMunicipality https://t.co/mpADqqFTLa pic.twitter.com/vGuBoYdwfN

An animal kingdom of Dubai:

The 116-hectare park is home to around 3,000 animals in Dubai. It has 78 species of mammals – 10 different carnivores and 17 primates – 50 types of reptiles. One hundred eleven kinds of birds and amphibians invertebrates.

World’s leading drive-through crocodile exhibit:

Dubai Safari is the world’s leading drive-through crocodile exhibit, the UAE’s biggest group of baboons. The largest drive-through lion show; and the country’s only drive-through hippo and tiger shows.

Behind-the-scenes experience:

For the first time, the park will give a behind-the-scenes experience. This enables visitors to get close to the creatures, learn about their environment and ways of caring for them. 

Animals at the sanctuary:

Unlike animals at the sanctuary include the squirrel monkey, Mona monkey. They also have the Arabian wolf and the northern white-cheeked gibbon. In addition, the park has 111 new babies of many animal species. The park’s winter season will host a Leopard Exhibition, the birds show. A display of ‘amazing animals of the world’ and birds of prey.

Arab wolves:

The area is to Arab wolves has been long by 10,000 square meters. The section contains many local trees and shrubs and unique formations of dunes. They also have water formed to create a suitable environment for these animals. This area is the largest island that is sheltering Arabian wolves. Also read about growth of schools in Dubai.

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