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Know how to Drive in Foggy Conditions in UAE, tips from UAE Authorities.

The UAE Ministry of Interior advises people how to drive in Foggy Conditions and low-visibility conditions.

The UAE Ministry of Interior tells people about the four major safety measures they must take while driving during foggy weather to avoid road accidents.

Know all the steps The rules include:

  • Keeping sufficient distance between vehicles.
  • Not directing on warning or hazard lights.
  • Keeping within the road and overtaking other vehicles.
  • Not surpassing the specified speed limit.

Foggy conditions are seen in some parts of the country during the early morning hours. Therefore, Abu Dhabi Police ask owners of heavy vehicles, trucks, buses, and officials at companies transporting to warn drivers not to drive in during foggy weather and improve preventive measures to avoid collisions and ensure safety.

how to drive in Foggy Conditions and low-visibility conditions in UAE get tips of driving.
how to drive in Foggy Conditions and low-visibility conditions in UAE get tips of driving.

MoI officials:  People of UAE must take care while driving in Foggy conditions. Listen to awareness messages given by the police department.

Car owners must know safety is all about their life. Going in Foggy conditions can take your life. So the Abu Dhabi Police and the Emirates Driving Company (EDC) recently announced launching a new initiative. New drivers undergo severe training in a simulator to cope with inclement weather conditions, including rainfall and fog. 


Here are the top tips for driving in a foggy climate:

  • Try to keep enough distance between two vehicles to avoid an accident.
  • Drive Slowly and stop within the line of visibility.
  • Don’t get distracted while driving. Try to keep your mobile phone off while driving. 
  • Keep your lights on in foggy conditions also no hazard lights. 
  • Take care of two-wheelers driving on the road and also those who are walking. 
  • Drive slowly and avoid overtaking cars in foggy conditions.
  • Keep your cars up to date, especially glass and wipers, so that you don’t face any issues. Read about Saudi Arabia 9.2 Million Power Grid.


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