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King Salman: ‘Stop Making Nuclear weapons’ Saudi Arabia to Iran in UN.

Don’t want nuisance in the middle east by deadly weapons that can create mass destruction. So Stop making Nuclear weapons in Saudi Arabia in support of preventing nuclear Iran.

Stop Making Nuclear weapons to keep the middle east free from mass destruction. King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia told the UN General Assembly on Wednesday 22nd Sep 2021, that his Kingdom supports efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. 

King Salman msj in UN for Iran
King Salman msj in UN for Iran

The Kingdom emphasises the point of keeping the Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, he comes in full support of the UN for preventing Iran from keeping nuclear weapons. King Salman in pre-recorded video address to the annual meeting.

Rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia:

Everyone knows the relations of both countries. Past of both countries share blood and hatred relations due to many reasons. Iran and Saudi Arabia are rivals for years. Both countries cut diplomatic ties in 2016, but both are still trying to reduce tension with dialogues.

King Salman on Iran:

“Iran is a neighbouring country, and we believe that our primary talks with it will start to accurate results to build trust … based on… the honour of sovereignty and non-interference in domestic affairs.

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi said to resume nuclear talks with world powers that would lead to the removal of US sanctions. The Saudi foreign minister met the Iranian counterpart during the General Assembly, according to Iran’s semi-official Mehr news agency.

We all want peace in Yemen:

King Salman said Yemen’s Houthis denied peaceful leadership to end the war and that Saudi Arabia would defend itself against ballistic weapons and armed drones.

The 85-year-old ruler said the Kingdom had taken influential steps over the past five years since Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman began an energetic plan to expand the economy from dependency on oil and other changes. The Kingdom continues to fight radical thinking, built on hate. We are also keeping in check terrorist groups and sectarian militias that kill humanity and nations.

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