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Border crossing reopens Jordan with Syria completely

Following a drive by Arab governments to reintegrate a country. They had ostracized throughout its decade-long civil war. In addition Jordan completely reopened its major border crossing with Syria on Wednesday. Also border opening will providing a boost to both ailing economies.

Syria, which blames Western sanctions for its economic difficulties. Also expects that stronger trade ties with its southern neighbor. In addition it would help in recover from a catastrophic conflict. Also will attract much needed foreign money.

Jordan’s minister of industry and commerce, Maha Al Ali, told state-owned Al Mamlaka television. “The goal of these understandings is to promote economic interchange. Which is between the two nations to achieve the objectives of each side.”

Jordanian and Lebanese officials have asked Washington to relax sanctions on Syria in order to promote commerce.

Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt — another strong US ally — agreed last month. In addition to send Egyptian natural gas to Lebanon via Syria via a pipeline. Which is establish in an Arab cooperation project 20 years ago.

During Syria’s civil conflict, which the UN estimates has killed at least 350,209 people. Arab governments severed relations with the country.

For years, US-allied Arab governments like as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Which funded opposition organizations battling President Bashar Assad. However Damascus was able to destroy the rebels with the help of Russian and Iranian armed forces.

Border Open for Jaber After Syrian government pushed rebels out

Despite the fact that the Jaber crossing has been open since the Syrian government pushed rebels out in 2018. However commerce has failed to restore to its pre-war level of $1 billion.

Jordanian officials stated a trade team from Syria. Which is led by Syria’s ministries of economics, commerce, agriculture, water, and power. Which will negotiate tariff reductions.

The Nasib-Jaber crossing was a transit route for hundreds of trucks a day moving products. In addition between Europe and Turkey and the Gulf before the Syrian crisis.


Syria’s sole regularly operational border crossings are with Lebanon and more recently, Iraq. In addition with the restoration of the Qaim crossing in 2019.

Assad has reclaimed the majority of Syria, although large swaths of the country remain under his control. Turkish soldiers are in the Kurdish-controlled east and northeast. Also US forces are in the north and northwest, the final rebel bastion.

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