Joelle Mardinian Inspiring life story

Joelle Mardinian was born on 27 November 1977 in Beirut, Lebanon. She is identified as a Makeup artist, TV host, Entrepreneur, and moreover with millions of fans, She is known as the founder of beauty empire Joelle Group and also an inspiration for a generation of Arab women. Her achievements that are being spoken today has so many struggles behind that she faced and with all the hardships crossing one by one, she is the star of her life and also the star of the world.

She always wanted to be known for being the best at what she does and so she never gave up. She is among the MENA regions top social influencers and there is also a show named Joelle Show, a TV program that made her as the most popular Arab TV presenters. Talking about her journey, at first she moved to Dubai from London in 2004 before starting her beauty salon. Slowly her business was growing and sparkling, and in 2013 she opened cosmetic clinic and that has just wide spread into five locations. Not only this, she has also opened her own skincare brand.

Joelle Mardinian
Joelle Mardinian

The salon, clinic and the skincare all that she has launched, is named as Maison de Joelle- a beauty salon, Clinica Joelle- her cosmetic clinic and Joelle Paris – skincare brand. To see all those achievements with our name in it, is just a dream come true and Joelle Mardinian worked harder and harder to be the best version of herself.


Joelle had only one clear thought in her mind, that she wants to be the best. Her only concentration was on becoming a better version of herself, but never be behind anyone. She becomes more tougher on herself if she doesn’t reaches the level of perfection. Joelle started working from a very young age. She started babysitting at the age of 14, then worked at a kids shoe shop at the age of 16, then as a fitness instructor at the age of 17, then makeup artist at the age of 22 and underwater baby instructor at 27.

In 2008, she started her beauty salon at the Kempinski Hotel in Dubai and this had made wonders by the launch of 14 franchises in in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, Tunisia, Bahrain, Jordan, and Algeria. This was her first entrepreneurial success. She faced many financial crisis in this business at first and this has taught her a lesson on entrepreneurship and made her aware about the cost conscious approach towards her business. She understood all her mistakes that she did at the beginning of this work and later learning lessons out of that made her more stronger and smarter towards her work.

Her cosmetic clinic named Clinica Joelle has been launched at Dubai and Abu Dhabi and its franchise operations took place in over six countries. With this clinic, again there were difficulties and lessons to be learnt. Her Joelle TV show grew her network very wide and it reached among the best plastic surgeons. She thought to open a medical center as she had various best connections in the industry. Mardinian felt that it was easier for her to run Clinica Joelle than Maison de Joelle, because she felt that dealing with doctors is always a different and a high standard. She started learning how to deal and approach with doctors. She felt that this was her next level of challenge in her life that she overcame with her full power.

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In 2014, she started her third business and now she has learnt a third lesson. This business was named as Joelle Paris, it is a skincare and a haircare brand and its products are available widely across various regions and also in the online store. Here the mistake that happened was that, she handed this Joelle Paris to a beauty chain, thinking that this will definitely reach heights, but later it was found that they did not care about this much. And here she learnt that someone else cannot represent you or your work, it’s only you who can represent yourself much better and much far than anyone.


With all this achievements, there comes another big project named Eyecandy, a line of colored lenses. She has started this project in lockdown about contact lenses and she went through all the other brands and thought why all are black. Joelle Mardinian came up with a new idea of colorful lenses. In lockdown all her other businesses were closed and she worked only on this Eyecandy project.

She believed that creating something new and working on it will always keep her moving. Joelle didn’t stop only with salon business, instead she moved on and created many other business and now her Eyecandy project is the one that helped her the most in the tough times. She proved that we can concentrate on many things, if we have our will power and confidence with us. With every business she started, she would say- “End of story, Full stop” and now with this project these words were for real.

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