Jeddah beaches cleaned up by hundreds of volunteers

The Khaleej Salman and Alexandria beaches in Jeddah cleaned up by more than 500 people. This happened on Saturday during an event organized by Hejaz Bloggers. This is a Saudi community group. This drive was a very environment protective one. The volunteers picked up trash from the beach. Following this additionally 20 divers removed waste from the seabed. From this whole event more than 50,000 discarded items were discarded. This event was organized with regard to the World Cleanup Day on Sept. 18. This is a major even which threaded in 180 countries. They worked on achieving a cleaner and greener planet.

Hejaz Bloggers organizer Ruaa Obied stated that the team aimed at creating and restoring the environment back to its shape and to impose and talk more about a sustainable lifestyle. The unified goal is to produce a better environment and to restore it for the future generations. The Saudi Vision 2030 also majorly aids this and it focuses on the promotion of recycling and use of sustainable products. Sustainability is the need of the hour and creating awareness about this is crucial.

The Kingdom aims to develop and grow its tourism sector. To back this up a cleaner environment is very much essential. Obied believes efforts to improve can have a huge impact on the nations welfare. This majorly motivated the members of the bloggers’ group. They went ahead to do their part to impact the society as a whole. They area as a whole working on bringing in a positive change across the globe for the benefit of all. The team are also planning to do a major campaign on World Volunteer Day. This to breast cancer awareness. They are aiming at impacting lives around the globe and also for the good of Saudi society.


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